Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Continued part three 2015 and onward to a great start in 2016

So I mentioned that last year felt like a strange year to me on many levels, many I find difficult to explain. So far I shared how my year began and mentioned our Florida stay that was to designed to give us some sun and possible fun before I had surgery March 17,2015.
I had been living with some unexplainable constant chronic pain for a few years along with a very bad episode of vertigo that never totally went away, even after many types of therapy, lucky for me they finally did an MRI of my neck and discovered a bulging or leaking disk, putting pressure on various nerve ends so it was decided that by fusing two of the disks in my neck would hopefully make my pain disappear.
No one wants to think of having major surgery but once they mentioned the promise that the pain might actually be gone I decided to give it a go. I was introduce to a great neurosurgeon from Penn Hospital in Philadelphia PA. Yes the surgery had some drawbacks, one being a recovery that was going to keep me in a neck brace for 7- 8 weeks and home bound since there would be no driving and it was imperative to keep my neck still and supported so the disks could fuse. The surgeon told the truth when he mentioned the worst part of the surgery would be in the hip area where they would cut and take some of my hip bone to be placed in the fusion area.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and has given me my smile back, I feel like a new person.
I will have to get back to reviewing my 2015 wild year in a future post because right now I'd rather share some news I have RE: My 2016!!!

I am thankful to get to announce that I was chosen as one of ten women from the Palm Beach County Area to get to participate in a 12 week "Better U"[ the 'GO RED' makeover.]
I know this is going to change my life for the better! So the hubby and I arrived back to FL on Sunday via the Auto Train just in time for me to begin my healthy journey Monday Jan 11. 
I met with Jen Rhine, the director of #PBGoRed at the offices of the Palm Beach County American Heart Association first thing Monday morning, besides me getting to participate look at the goodies I received so far.


So today (Tuesday - Jan. 12)  I got to meet most of the other women that are doing the "life is why" American Heart Association 'Better U' Go Red for Women #PBGORED and enjoyed their company while we had photos taken. We enjoyed cheering each other on as we partake in this healthy journey. 
Hope you'll enjoy my journey and maybe even go to GoRedForWomen.org or www.heart.org for more information.

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