Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's been brought to my attention...A question was asked: What happened to my posting?

So someone mentioned to me it was a shame I had not posted recently.
I wish you KNEW how many times I've written my post in my mind or thoughts photos and all :-)
Yet for some reason, I cannot understand? Hmmm they just have not connected with my blog wifi wise. I am betting that someday soon there will be a way to telepathically send our blog our posts by just wishing or letting it read our minds.
Well until that time I am guessing I need to get busy and TRY very hard to resurface my old successful blogging practices or habits.
I will try to get back into my habit of posting or sharing my creative activities.
So here are just a few items on my design board presently.
Trying to complete some old old Un-finished-projects that were just rediscovered.
Hoping to clean out the stack of incomplete projects so I can focus on new ideas.
The crayon blocks I won during one of my VA quilt retreats, in FACT it was the year I retired for good from teaching school (art) so seemed appropriate that I won. 
It will become my retirement quilt 2009. About time it got sewn together.

This was a charity quit I quilted and bound for my Modern Quilt Guild.

This is a project that took way toooooooo long to complete.
This is my husbands office wall and desk furniture which I ended helping him paint with Annie Sloan paint

This was an old round robin piece that began in think around 2006. It was completed till the first brown border and I decided that I might as well finish it as a medallion quilt to either give away to a relative or a charity. The top is now #3 in my pile to be quilted on my HQ16.

So I KNOW I have not been taking the time to post, 
YET trust me, I will always find time to create! 
Creating brings sunshine into my life! So...Until next time...

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