Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On my design board today

Today is a busy day for me.....lunch date with some of my Quakertown area quilter buddies, then off to NJ tonight for the monthly meeting of CentralJersey MQG = Modern quilt guild = fun yet late evening since it is a drive for two of my friends and I, YET so worth it. If you live anywhere near Pennington NJ come join us and check out the fun we have. A great guild to join.
So this is one item on my design board today sadly deciding to fill my design walls with present and old unfinished work seems to have me a little disoriented or sometimes unfocused on the one/plural that has a deadline looming so might have to rethink my plan of attack on old projects.

This is an oldie I discovered that I am going to use as an test run for what they are calling matchstick quilting. I will explain the term as I have perceived the explanation to be? Hoping it makes sense and that I also understand it correctly since I am posting about it :-) lol So matchstick quilting is when the lines of quilting is about a matchstick's width apart, so very dense straight line quilting.
So I am off to enjoy my day and still hoping for some productivity. wish me luck.

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