Monday, August 18, 2014

Finally some fun experimenting in the wet studio.

So just a hint to fellow fiber buddies: If you are interested in trying out Lumi dyes check your JoAnn Fabric store for the product in their clearance section.
I had been planning on trying out the product for a while now so was excited to get it at such bargain prices.
Lumi has 3 or 4 different kits available w/Inkodye and then you'll find various little pounches or bottles of Inkodye along with the necessary Inkodye detergent.

Here are three pieces of silk that have been dipped in blue inkodye just to test run the color .
Wrinkles or folds done so these are now ready to put out in the sun to process.

Here are the blue pieces after developing in the sun so now ready to be washed in the inkodye fabric detergent.

Test run of red Inkodye.

Finally getting to use my little washer tub to help wash out the dye.

I am really loving my stainless sink in the wet studio (AKA as our basement)

I enjoyed experimenting with the product and look forward to trying  different techniques with the dye and switching from silk to cotton fabric.

The technique I used today was to crunch up the silk or create folds for lines, the premiss is where the sun hits the fabric the dye color will develop and where the fabric does not receive sun light the fabric will stay the color the fabric was to begin with.

So many possibilities and fun yet to come.


Robbie said...

Seems to me when I was researching SolarFast, Inkodye is very similar. Do a search on'll be surprised at what all you can do. Like your results on this post so far!!

Nina Marie said...

I love your wet studio - so lucky! I love trying out unconventional dyes and seeing what I can do with them!