Friday, April 19, 2013

Two quilts to bind and lots of marbled fabrics to begin experimenting with…a good day.

With all the bad news today everywhere RE: the Boston marathon bombing it was a perfect day to spend some time in the studio to try to complete two quilts I've been working on. From the photos you might see all I have to do on the quilts is the binding. ;-)
Quilting being done on the little quilt top via HQ16
Quilt ready to have binding sewn on.
Binding now ready for both quilt tops.
Here is another of my marbling fabric from last week's
Arrowmont Class I hope to experiment on next.
Here is my first sewing experiment with one of my marbling fabrics.
I went with one I was not that happy with which made it perfect to cut up and experiment on.
Strips sewn back together.
Marbled piece sewn back together into a little piece.
Going to add quilting next.

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