Monday, April 22, 2013

It's time to set some new goals.

It's difficult for me to believe the hubby and I have now been in our Quakertown home for a year.
We had a heck of a year, there were some wonderful events along the way but also many tears and loss. The car we purchased last fall has 13,000 miles on it already so that shows that we've also been on the road a lot, here and there.
I've decided it is time for me to set some goals and try to stay focused until I complete the goals.
I have a list of projects that I have ignored due to stuff we've endured during our last couple years but it's now time to buckle down. My intention is to have my list completed by the end of June at the latest because come July I have an online class with Lisa Call that I magically won. YUP you read that correctly I won! Since I have been given this opportunity I intend to clear as much stuff off my calendar as possible to free me up to focus 100% on my class and fiber art.
So today day one towards completing my goals was a productive day. I got the first coat of Annie Sloan paint on our old china cabinets, I'm hoping to get the second coat on tomorrow?
Before photo
This paint does go a long way, one coat completed so far.
One coat applied, have to decide the color I will paint the inside.
The second project of the day was to try to complete my grandson James rocking chair that sadly I was not able to complete last year when he was born due to our move and other stuff that screwed with my schedule. The chair has been sitting in our basement waiting for my attention.
Of course wouldn't you know even though I have all these paints shown
I had to run out to get the 3 colors I needed before I could begin? Geeeeshhh!
The design has been requested by my grandson's daddy.
So first coat completed on this today, if I can keep my focus I'll soon 
be able to cross two more projects off the list.
 I wish I could share that my list is a short one but just not so.
 Will just keep on chugging along and try hard to keep focused.

Tomorrow is another day ;-)

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