Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's been way too long again between posts

So I am going to back track a little here…
The end of Oct the hubby and I took a trip to MI for a family wedding. ;-)
We had a fabulous time…and then if one recalls the storm Sandy 2012 hit…
Well first things first…here's a photo of our lovely bride and groom..the groom is my handsome nephew Gerald and the bride a wonderful addition to our family Megan.

It turned out as has semi become our norm these past few years we arrived to MI to find that my mom sadly had a little health issue so since our area in PA got hit with the storm and we assumed we were without power we extended our trip a little longer then expected. Hubby stayed a few days out on Harsens Island visiting with his Aunt.
While staying with my mom I popped back and forth each day to my son's home to work on a little project for them I had promised long ago to try. It worked out well gave me a feel of completing something artsy. So here are photos of my little project.
Dresser drawers before

Their dresser as I was priming it (step 1).
Dresser primed,next step paint it with latex paint.

Dresser bring painted with 2 coats black latex paint

Dresser ready for them to add knobs to.
 Bouncing back and forth helped me actually with the project..it forced me to take my time and as suggested in the directions I found via "google" helped me have the patience to let each coat dry 24 hours before adding new coats of primer or paint.
When we finally headed back to PA we returned to a safe home but with no power for 3 more days..so our neighbors were without power for 10 days, we were just inconvenienced with only 3 days yet feel so badly for the many folks that lost their homes and belongings..our prayers are with them.
Lucky for us, we returned to PA to find our home was safe
and the only damage was a tree fallen in back yard on our septic field.

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