Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We're as ready as we can be ;-) bring on turkey day.

Yay! It's Thanksgiving week 2012 already!!! We say bring it on we're as ready as we can be and VERY excited to be having our first (just one of many we hope) family holidays in our new home.
So this year I will have the pleasure of 2 out of my 3 children and their families visiting [Meaning my 4 grandchildren ;-))] Along with god-daughter Mattie and her folks and Claire parents.
Hubby and I are very excited.
So day by day we are finally seeing some progress as far as being finally moved into our residence in Quakertown PA. It's really feeling like our home ;-)

So we call this our "princess suite" because it has a guest bath/shower in the room.
Notice the headboard please; I just finished covering an old headboard of ours
 was actually part of my husbands parent's bedroom set.

Remember the cabinet I painted with Annie Sloan paint when we first moved in?
Again another old piece of furniture we already owned.

Notice the little book shelves in the room? I just finished painting it with Annie Sloan paint
and intend to paint the side bed tables as soon as I get a chance so the pieces will all match.

Our grandkids cave 

If you've been following my blog you might have noticed a past post
about painting my son's old bunk beds with Annie Sloan paint.
I love that we have been able to put in use our old pieces of furniture.

So tomorrow will be first time my grandchildren see the room completed and ready for 3 of them to sleep in the room together, hubby told me I'd better take some photos to share before they arrive and get the toys out. ;-) Notice my wall piece "color my world" I did while studying with Nancy Crow seemed like a perfect fit for the room to me.
What's funny is these cabbage patch dolls used to belong to my daughter Keli.
So our "Lady Day" room is ready too.

This bedroom furniture is part of a set from my Alabama years,
made by Davis furniture company was supposedly the oldest produced bedroom set
designed after President Grant's set we were told when we got it in the 70's.
So time for me to go check my lists to make sure we're ready for OUR turkey day…May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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