Friday, August 10, 2012

The quilt top is coming along slow but sure...

So between my grandson's baptism a week ago and now my mother's visit from MI (she is staying with the hubby and I for the month of August if you recall) I have managed to find some time to work on a quilt I have promised a while back to someone special.

If you recall the steps I have posted so far…#1:  first cut apart your t-shirts…#2: iron light weight knit interfacing to the backs of the pieces you want to use..#3: square up your pieces and decide on your placement design.
From the photos today I hope you will be able to see I next sew the pieces into columns or strips across dependent on the design. My design worked well as columns.
So far I have the columns sewn together and then was able to sew two of the strips together leaving me only three more rows to add to the quilt top.
Here is example of one of the columns sewn together into a strip, nicely trimmed..
Here is photo of all 5 columns sewn with the far left 2 columns sewn together..
I will complete the quilt top by adding the final 3 columns to make the quilt top.
But...first tomorrow we hope to have an afternoon of pool and fun with my mom, two of our children and spouses and their 4 children as guests of one of the in-laws.
Hoping the rain stays away……………………………….but for now….just keep smiling..

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