Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ok so I've been a little busy

So the weekend brought along some special times for my family..
My grandson James Bronce Henderson V was baptized this past weekend..
with his baptism also has brought a visitor to our PA home: My mother for the month of August.
Lovely banner in his church announcing the special day
God Parents Brian and Jacqui
Jame's two great grandmother's on the left is great Grand-Mum from England
and on the right is my mother great Grandma from MI who will be my August houseguest

Now back to the tshirt quilt in progress: now cutting the pieces into squares or rectangles

Scraps of cut up tshirts

stacks of cut pieces ready for the design board

First step of designing is to play with the shapes and colors for favorite placement.

While working on the placement I always photograph in black and white to try to see
lights and darks, helps with the design process of balancing composition.

Once the final design or placement is decided on the next step is to FINALLY get to sew! YAY!

See you tomorrow….hope to have more progress completed to report on…
until then….just keep smiling.

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