Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally the HQ16 is loaded..

So I finally managed to get my HQ16 frame loaded with my latest quilt top which sad to say should have been completed long ago. ;-(  I promised my cousin a special quilt for our newest high school graduate and hoped to have it done in time for her when she begins her dorm life…Sad to have to admit  but I am not going to make that deadline, she heads to college August 21.
I am glad to share I am excited to see this quilt completed because so far I am very happy with how the t-shirts worked into a nice design.
I think I have shared in one of my posts that my mother is visiting for the month of August and sadly due to her broken leg last November cannot make it upstairs to my studio.
So today while I loaded my machine I took photos of the loading process so she can try to imagine how I load it and picture how large my machine is and how it works. So here are the photos I shared with her.
Had to look all over the house to finally find the velcro cloth pieces that
attach my quilt tops on rollers thankfully finally located them.

Quilt bottom rolled on first.

The quilt bottom is rolled on so the right side is down or out.

Next the quilt top is rolled on it's roller.

Difficulty with t-shirt quilts can be the different materials create different tensions.

Next add the batting and I will soon be off and running.

Tomorrow I get to begin quilting the layers.

Hard to think this is the first quilt since April? I sure hope my HQ16  took the move well…
Guess time will tell…wish me luck!

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