Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SADLY the month visit is ALMOST over..

So I mentioned that my mother came from MI to attend my grandson's baptism August 5 in Cranford NJ and then to stay at my home in Quakertown,PA for a month long visit…Well SADLY her visit is drawing to a close and she flies back to MI by herself (eeek!) August 30.
We've had loads of fun while she has been visiting……...besides the baptism weekend here are some of things we've done…
My son JB and wife Claire dropped by for an overnight visit to take 
my mom to the local casino. She won on $107.00 and had a fabulous adventure with them. Here is 4 generation photo we tried to take the morning after:  Great granny, Grandma Teddi, son JB with his children Charlotte and James IV.

Great Grandma and her newest great grandson James IV.
Of course my mom made some beauty shop runs to stay beautiful.

We drove down to see her grand-daughter Keli's home in West Chester.
Keli took us all to Longwood Gardens a great place to visit in PA.
I highly recommend a visit to there to anyone near Chester County PA.

Mom and I at Longwood Gardens

Mom got re-acquainted with her little sewing machine she gave me years ago.

Mom created TWO strip quilts during her visit.
Jellyrolls are my mom's new best friends. She loves  them.

Here is my mom and her first strip quilt top, looks perfect! 
She is also trying to complete some squares with my pre-cut fabrics,
she says it's good to keep her brain thinking!

Brynn and Caleb spent the night and Great Granny polished Brynn's little finger nails and toes.

Mom had a chance to visit with Great Granny Joyce (from England)
while we all enjoyed the hospitality of Ian and Wendy Rossetter's home and pool,
 Fantastic Day.

Great grandma have a special talk with her great grandson James at the pool party.

Caleb and Charlotte enjoying the pool.

And of course the occasional celebratory Martini's and dinner out.

I am sitting here and lamenting about only having a couple more days to enjoy her company, a few more special adventures to be had………but it's been an amazing month! We are so thankful that my son Brian and his wife Heather flew down with my mom so we could have these fantastic times.

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Family memories...priceless!