Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's done!

So I finished (at least for now) my first Annie Sloan Paint project! My ("at least for now" refers to still want to purchase new dresser handles but they are special order due to the holes being 5 1/2 inch apart) For the time being I just painted the old handles and knob with the Annie Sloan Paint but they give the piece a very French Provincial look not exactly what I was shooting for?
Also I am not completely sold on the white accents I painted on the drawers and dresser frame I am thinking I might enjoy the dresser more all one color?
I used this dresser as a learning curve trying out a new product for me and thus I decided to try out as many techniques as I could at once. lol lol…… I like the paint/product and have many projects I intend to use it on in my near future. The great thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it seems very forgiving and thus if I decide I do not like or want the white accents I can just repaint over the white areas with no problem, no striping or sanding just paint over it with the color Arles. ;-) and I'll be set.
So here is the dresser.

This dresser was my hubby's parent's bedroom furniture.
Need to find new handles and knob to create an updated look.
A new look for an old dresser.
So What do you think?
PS: here is the before:
Sadly I forgot to take a photo before I removed the drawers and handles. ;-)

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janet said...

Oh Teddi...I know I might be biased because you attended my ASCP Workshop...but I LOVE this dresser! Really like the two toned design and it suits the shape of this piece. Great color.

Well done!!!!! Uh oh....looks like I have a little ASCP competition ;->

have a great week
janet xox