Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sure felt like a Sunday to me?

So hmmm for some reason today felt like a Sunday to me today ;-) lol but whether it was a Saturday or Sunday it was a nice quiet semi productive Art day. I worked in the dungeon (our basement) all day painting final touches on an old dresser I am trying out Annie Sloan Paints on… I have high hopes to use this product on quite a few old furniture pieces of ours in hopes of updating the items for use in our  "Someday down the road future Home" lol…. So for now I am just having fun…this piece is a no stress piece…the "oh well it's can't hurt to try piece"…it's my learning curve piece
Already I have discovered a lot about using the product. #1: I began by using the paint a little too thick, straight from the can. There is so much pigment in this paint that I realized quickly water can be your best friend. #2: a good brush can make a difference. For this first piece I bought a can of Arles and have accented the trim in Old White. Next up is the step of waxing and deciding how much to possibly distress the dresser? So much fun..
Ready for waxing
Coming along..

After working on the dresser today I then moved over to a project I meant to complete long ago yet let things get in the way. It was an idea I've had for a long time and is meant as a gift, actually a house warming gift now over a year or so late… Finally this project has moved to the front of my "list to do".
Stain glass mosaic with paper design taped from behind

Half the panes have paper designs in place, half the paper is removed.
Photo from below the project, some glass glue still needs to dry.
Once I get all the glass cut and fit then glued in place I intend to put grout around the glass pieces.
Hope tomorrow ends up being an art day too!

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