Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On a roll… ;-) I hope it can continue.

So after staring a little at the dresser I painted I felt there was just something not quite as I had hoped or envisioned. Thankful two of my daughters critiqued the piece quickly and suggested I swap out some of the accent painting, switching some Arles for white and vice versus.
Sadly I cannot seem to get a good photo of the dresser in basement.
Notice painted yellow on drawers and left only a trim of white.

Dresser when first completed.

I mentioned I was on a roll? I've managed to finally finish another one of my quilting projects I had hoped to have had completed by Christmas, no photo yet but will post one soon…then here's the idea I had RE: taking an old farm window and colored glass. It's ready for final glueing of the blue glass pieces then I can grout it. So far I am pleased..it seems to be working out as I had envisioned…One's gotta love when that happens, I know I do!
Just have to glue down the blue glass pieces.
Here is photo from bottom, I will grout the window after the glass dries. I am a little nervous because the one glass glue I used at first is still showing as white, sure hope it cures to clear as promised.

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