Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yay! Reporting the Handmade gifts were appreciated by all...

So Christmas 2011 has come and gone ;-( but happily can post that the creations I was able to complete in time to be given as gifts this year were well received…so now I can finally post some photos…
but my first photo is of something handmade that I was lucky enough to have received…mine is the red and green tree and the brown with gold belongs to Heather and Brian (my youngest son) both were made by Heather's mom Kim, I am so excited to have received one of the 6 she made this year.
Wine cork Christmas trees created by Kim
Next I will post a few photos of some of my creations along with a few photos of some of the recipients…
My wine cork creation for Brian and Heather  (their wine corks)
This photo canvas was actually my hubby's creation for son JB, photos from his "Tough Mudder "2011 race.

Son Brian's Rock concert t-shirt quilt

Brian demonstrating how comfy the quilt is.

Heather's t-shirt quilt with soft 'minky' backing

Nieces Christy and Carrie received two of my shibori silk scarves

Will end the post with photo of my favorite my mom with her special request lap quilt /special size just for her.
We had a wonderful Christmas, hope you all did too!

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