Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration

We drove all day through yucky rain, yet I'm glad to state it was NOT snow or ice. ;-) and we are home.
I found out my last handmade Christmas present made it's way to the recipient today so I can now post photos of what I managed to paint the week before my trip to MI.
I began making nanny chairs along with matching baby quilts about 6 years ago. The first two recipients were my nieces Christy and Carrie. The baby quilts w/matching hand painted "time out chairs" as we nick-named them due to the then popular 'Nannie TV Show' were for their girls Riley and Mya.
Since then I have made I think about 9 sets?? Well my nephew Ryan has a new son Mason and I made the baby quilt and it was given as the shower gift but I still owed them the chair.
So here it is along with a second chair I painted as a surprise Christmas gift for another couple:
I was in a time crunch so sadly set up shop in my dining room

yup my dining room

At the same time was working on another chair in my basement work area.
Notice my sketch book below with my ideas for while I work.

Mason's chair matches fabric from a baby quilt

I had picked up this bench a while ago
always had a feeling it could become something special
little did I know my son's good friends would have twins someday ;-)
So how's this for a "double time out chair" haha?
Got to say "better them then me "
I heard tonight it matches their room. ;-)

This is Mason's time out chair completed.
This is my grand-daughter "Charlotte" on Christmas day trying Mason's chair out
but let me clarify she was NOT in time out ;-)

So as I mentioned we are back home in VA, hubby and I had a wonderful Christmas holiday.
Next weekend we get to head to PA to see the rest of our grandchildren to celebrate with them a belated Christmas and a Happy New Year (we're baby sitting)….please stay tuned….

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