Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's holiday gift giving time…so tell me please

Do you enjoy making gifts for your families or friends?
Are you lucky enough to have family that enjoys receiving your creations?
I can always remember enjoying an opportunity to make items to give as gifts since I was young, fast forward a little and I became a poor college art student and family members proceeded to be stuck with handmade creations from me possibly a batik, a weaving, stain glassed items… I guess it became tiring to some of my family members because I can still remember the year it was announced "No more handmade gifts please" from that day forth all gift exchanges were to be bought not handmade.  Since I was basically the only member of my immediate family that made gifts I always knew who the comment was mostly directed to.  ;-(
Fortunate for me my children have always enjoyed receiving handmade creations from their mother in fact so much so that some years it has become a joke between us to see what mom can come up with or some years there are even requests or directives.  I ENJOY coming up with new hand made items to give as gifts.
Here are a couple examples:
painting my grandson's name paintings

my first baby quilt and matching chair 6-7 years ago

So as per my usual I have been busy making gifts for this holiday season.
Sadly I was not able to complete a couple quilts I had hoped to give out over the holidays due to an unexpected 3 weeks in Mi late November/early December but happily [for me] I did manage to get most of my projects or gifts completed…

shibori stitched hand dyed silk

pole wrapped shibori hand dyed silk
I will give some of my hand dyed silk scarves as gifts to family members of mine that do enjoy receiving hand made items.  I AM Wishing everyone a very MERY CHRISTMAS and a Joyous NEW YEAR.

PS: To this day I also remember NOT to burden the family member/s who made the request " Please NO more handmade gifts, store bought only " ;-)


Karoda said...

Sadly, I can never get into the habit and rhythm of making gifts. I've done better in the past with doing it for birthdays for friends, not family members. Handmade has so much more heart!

arts4all said...

Well, Those who don't want homemade gifts shouldn't be so picky!!!!