Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes life can kick you in the stomach

It's been a while since my last post and as the subject line states….sometimes life CAN kick you in the stomach. The weekend before Thanksgiving my mother who is 87 fell and sadly broke her femur bone of her right leg, just above her knee replacement. Suddenly there was emergency surgery to be scheduled, my father who is 90 had to be considered since my mother is his full time caretaker. They have been married for 66 years. So my sister flew in from FL and I flew in from VA to MI where one of my other sister's was holding down the fort so to speak. The next 3 weeks of my life I barely care to remember.
Mom's leg = 75 staples

Thankfully my mother made it through her surgery and will NOW be convalescing most likely in a rehab/nursing home for 90-120 days. We quickly had to move them out of their senior apartment and my dad is presently staying in a dementia care center.
Dad visiting with Mom

Dad saying goodnight before I took him back to his new residence

So I spent Thanksgiving in MI with my lovely nieces Carrie and Christy's families along with my dad
and my hubby spent Thanksgiving in PA with my son JB, his wife Claire and our grand-daughter Charlotte at Claire's folks Wendy and Ian's lovely home.
Handsome hubby w/ Son JB,Wife Claire and our grand-daughter Charlotte
Thanksgiving in PA 2011

My dad and niece Carrie and her daughter Rayna
Thanksgiving in MI 2011

The morning after Thanksgiving my husband attended without me a home inspection for the home we were very excited to be in the process of purchasing.  Early Monday morning he left to Hawaii for his business trip minus me ;-( which actually hurt him more then me because he desperately wanted to be in MI helping us.
Well fast forward 3 weeks later…my braincells are shot, I'm back in VA and I am so behind being ready for the Holidays. Doubtful there will be cards sent out this year and very sad to report the home my husband and I were very excited about finally finding to purchase hit a few glitches with us cross country from each other and then the seller's realtor so as stated "SOMETIMES life does kick you in the stomach" but take it from me you just need to try hard to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and Trust that the Lord has your back.
So it's been back to the studio for me…thankfully I have finished putting the binding on two of the quilts I had started before I rushed to MI along with a good start on completing a few other Christmas projects meant to be presents. I can post this one since sadly I know my mom is without internet presently so she will not see if before she receives it for Christmas. She requested I make her a special sized quilt for her to use in her recliner should come in handy presently while she is in wheelchair. ;-( recovering.
Mom's new quilt
Christmas present 2011

Special sized quilt requested by Mom
So back to the studio tomorrow for me….that is after I first get a haircut so I feel like a person again ;-)
Nothing like creating Art to make one's soul feel better!

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Robbie said... sorry for all you and your family are going through. BUT..thank heaven you are all able to take care of each other!! Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!!