Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I've got to stay focused...

So lucky me…we had a fabulous weekend in NJ watching my son participate in his first tough mudder competition…I thought he was crazy BUT HE did us proud!! and we all had a lot of fun taking photo's and cheering him on…his wife, toddler Charlotte, his inlaw's Wendy and Ian and my hubby Bill and me…

see the guy in the green shorts 

again he's the one in the green shorts…jumping

he smiled the whole time
My son the "Tough Mudder"!

Back in VA and I have to try to keep focus with my quilting if I am going to get my Christmas projects completed in time…lucky for me I have the Rock concert t-shirt quilt top quilted and cut off the HQ16. Tomorrow time to load up another quilt top. the rock concert t-shirt quilt top turned out to be 78 x 91 inches, still needs to have binding sewn on. Sure wish I could figure out how to gage shrinkage on quilt tops…still something that always catches me off guard.
Can't reveal the quilt at this time…you can peek at an old post for it's design.
Another quilt top in process….
Well tomorrow is another day…..

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