Saturday, April 2, 2011

More silk dyeing & shibori pattern stitching - class lesson

This past week in the evenings while sitting in front of the boob tube with the hubby I have been working on stitching shibori patterns on a couple silk scarves.

this scarf is 63% silk & 37% wool

this scarf is 100% silk

After the stitching is completed you then pull the threads tightly before completing the dyeing process.
I lightly dyed the one green and one beige before pulling threads 
 The next step of the shibori process is to dye the silk. I am learning how to dye silk with color hue dyes, which I am learning quickly why they are called instant liquid dyes for silk,linen,rayon & wool.
attempted to stick with earth tone colors

tried to think blues,greens,violets
After dyeing the silk, you rinse well then let them dry.

Scarves are dry next step is to remove the threads.

I consider my lesson a success, I love how the one scarf turned out, in fact I would like to say it turned out close to what I was hoping or planned as much as shibori let's you control. I consider the second scarf a semi disaster or maybe I should just say it was an opportunity to learn ;-) I learned a little more about what quick set dyes are and how they can react on the silk. I imagined that since we work with the silk wet that the dyes would blend or mix to create new color shades on the wet fabric;  such as putting yellow on wet blue silk would turn green but as you might be able to notice from my photos the colors set as blotches of various color versus blending into mixed colors. In other words I will mix my colors before applying them next time and see if that works as planned. ;-)

I look forward to completing my next shibori class lesson.


deanna7trees said...

i would say you had great success. they are beautiful.

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

Thank you Deanna