Monday, March 28, 2011

dye experiments /shibori online class

Not sure I mentioned before heading up North that I had signed up for an online Shibori Techniques on Silk Class via .
Thankfully the class is one that lets participants work on the lessons as they are presented weekly OR students may take their time and complete the lessons and  process experimentation when if fits their schedule.
The advantage of keeping up with the weekly lessons is the chance to post and partake with classmates in discussions online. I found enjoyment in following along with the class discussions and enjoyed the class photos that were posted during my family visit in MI.  I'm back in VA and am now in the process of playing catch up. Here are a few photo's of my examples from week one lesson which centered on how to use Colorhue dyes on various silks along with exploring some itajime (fold and clamp) shibori techniques.

close up of silk design by clamping
 Week two lesson we were to begin experimenting with stitched shibori techniques so I am stitching away on a silk/wool scarf. I am trying some mokume and undulating rows of stitch.  After the stitching is completed I will then pull the rows tightly to create a resist pattern when I add my dye. Shibori is all about resist.

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Colleen Kole said...

such pretty results! I am enjoying the class-are you?