Sunday, January 16, 2011


Each year now for the past 7 years my hubby and I end up heading to MI for the Christmas holidays...each year this becomes a struggle for me because though I LOVE celebrating holidays with my family and this year was made even more special because on Dec 27 My folks celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary...I mean how blessed am I??? YES you read that correctly 65 years!! They are the two closest to the front of photo. ;-)
Celebrating 65 years of marriage folks w/3 daughters w/ husbands
YET there is also always a feeling of struggle I go through every year no matter what I do?  During our visits I get reminded of "My Stuff" and it always ends up making me feel in limbo!  What makes this harder is that no matter how I try to explain to my husband or children what I mean by this expression "I feel in limbo" they do not seem to relate to my feelings or thoughts?
Well I have been  dwelling a little on trying to rid myself of these feelings. Sadly My feelings of living in limbo may not be able to completely dissolve until we either move back to the MI residence OR the hubby retires and we finally choose some other area to purchase as our retirement main residence and then finally sell off the MI residence. I feel in limbo because I have stuff, [MY STUFF] in MI and VA.
We live in VA with my hubby's old stuff (meaning before Teddi ;-) along with some items of my stuff (meaning before Bill ;-)..along with some of OUR stuff (which we have purchased since I moved to VA). Yet most of my stuff is in MI, and in VA I have been very low key in a semi temporary state of existence. Funny though temporary is now going towards 8 years.....can anyone relate to my thoughts of being in a state of limbo? Oh well....
This year when we went home to the MI residence to celebrate the holidays, our tenants [Brian and Heather] were the holiday hosts AND they have new family room furniture! My daughter-in-law had the house beautifully decorated, Oneida has NEVER looked better!..
Well I took a lesson from the kids this weekend and bought some new furniture........Bill and I finally after over 7 years have bought a couch,ottoman AND accent chair for our family room for people to actually sit on. I figured I will take the attitude someone shared with me recently..Build it and they will come ;-))))) 
So to keep moving forward with what has become my new rule of thumb lately... when buying something new one must get rid of something old ;-)
So we are getting new couch and ottoman but we are getting rid of an oak cabinet from our dining room.  I am going to try to keep downsizing and de-junking towards our future move! So my photos this posting are of our family room before photo and in flux photo... waiting for the furniture delivery next week which we have to move some TV cable plugs before the couch is delivered Thursday. My other photos are our dining room revised. ;-) 

before family room

in flux family room

revised dining room

revised dining room minus large oak cabinet

revised dining room, freshly hung family antique mirror

Now I am off to my sewing room to reward myself for completing the revision of dining week I revise the kitchen cabinets ;-))))

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