Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Sketching..

So I must share I am enjoying my new sepia sketch pens... I like to use pens versus pencils when working in my sketchbooks and encouraged my high school students to do the same because I have found that using pens might help one to "just go for it" in other words DON'T dwell on perfectionYa can't erase pens so just go with the flow and except what you draw.. sketching is meant to be practice. It's a way one can practice hand/eye coordination or should I use the word connection hand/eye connection?  The hand and eye working together to help one express what one sees.

So to continue on with the sketchbook challenge January theme  highly prized  I intend to share a few treasured memories from my years of teaching in public education.
I continued working in my sketchbook today with drawings of my hands...Hands are handy subjects for an artist to draw...You always have a model on hand ;-) lol  lol "YEAH bad joke"...but I assume you get my drift...
Tomorrow I think I'll shoot for drawing shoes, another object I had my students use quite often as subject matter to practice drawing what you see ;-) Enjoy!
Now I am off to my sewing room....

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