Thursday, January 13, 2011


I committed myself to participate in a sketchbook challenge back in December. The Challenge began1-11-2011...... Hmmmmmm YET I seem to have had a tough start...? Cannot exactly explain WHY?  but?........{Can you spell P-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-i-o-n?} So then decided rather then use one of my 5-6 sketchbooks I have laying around the house all the time for me to jot down ideas, etc. I decided to buy a new spiral 5.5x8.5 sketch book AND a new set of SEPIA Faber-Castell artist pens hoping it would help spark me???? FINALLY this morning I forced myself  to sit and sketch! This month's theme is highly prized...after giving much thought and procrastination I recently came across a few of my EX-high school students on Facebook [Proud to state they have grown into lovely young adults, some parents ;-))) hate to sound like a proud parent BUT YES I am proud of them as if they were my children.]  Anyway back to my story ;-) connecting with a few of my ex-high school students made me remember the olden days that I gave my students weekly sketchbook assignments AND YES they would also I assume turn about is fair play? or possibly it this is an example of "What goes round comes round?"  So "MY" highly prized began with memories of former high school students sketching away, how I used to tell them to practice practice practice ;-)  to sit & draw what they see ;-)

I sat today in my highly prized sun porch and drew what I saw! And so it finally begins!

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Jill Berry said...

I love the sun porch. That would be very highly prized for me, since I live in Colorado and it snowy outside. Glad to have you join us!