Friday, November 19, 2010

I finally got some sewing done ;-)

I have no idea why I was letting stuff get in my way of quilting? Thankfully though something finally clicked? (Possibly the knowledge that Christmas is around the bend and slipping up on me much too quickly???)  Well no matter what finally gave me the push I needed I have spent the past two days sewing All day!  It felt so good!!!! One trick that helped me was to shut down my computer ;-) lol or at least walk away from it. 
I am completing some 9 patch squares that I signed up to complete this past summer. lol better late then never. They ended up very glow in the dark ;-) color! It's a complete scrap piece design and  I am having fun with them.
In fact they are almost all sewn together and in the end will make someone a nice lap quilt. Secondly I have started on a quilt I've owed someone for about a year? ;-( but  I intend to have the quilt completed to present during the Christmas holidays. I found a great square that was easy to cut out and hope to have this quilt top sewn together by Monday since tomorrow  my hubby and I intend to go into DC to the 23rd  annual Craft Show at the Washington Convention Center and Sunday I have a class Dayton VA on the HQ16
Here's a peek at the colors of the second quilt top...complete opposite of the glow in the dark lap quilt. lol

I actually have a third lap quilt top almost sewn together (told you I've been focused the past two days) but this quilt is a top secret so I'm not posting a photo just in case the person it's intended for happens to check my blog.... I wouldn't want them to be able to see it ;-)
So I'm sure you can tell....I have been happily sewing and it felt great to be completing some good ole traditional, functional designed quilting this week. 
Wish me luck on keeping up my focus. Did I mention my secret has been to walk away from the computer :-0  lol lol lol 
oh well y'all have a GRAND weekend!

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Karoda said...

I digging the browns, yummy! Since my sewing is done away from home, the computer only keeps me away from household chores, HA! like I'm just itching to do housework!