Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Wow, I have been BUSY! ;-) I had a trip up north to MI for family visit AND to attend a wonderful wedding celebration! Was so much fun yet tiring...then when we got back it was sort of slow going RE: getting back into the studio. ;-)

The nice thing is when we got back to VA our fall colors were still here ;-) I was afraid I had missed them all. Something about the reds, oranges, and golds of fall.
Isn't this a great view from my quilting room?
Sadly we are losing the colors to browns now...but still such splendor.
So I finally got back to my machine actually have gotten some of the nine squares sewn, so many colors lol might end up being another of my glow in the dark creations.
just sewing the squares so far...
Today I got some studio cleaning done and then suddenly found myself happily completing another design I had begun while studying with Nancy Crow this past summer. Each piece I complete gives me more understanding in the strip piece construction. I am finally feeling a comfort zone. ;-)
black and white design from week two of QBL

It felt good to get back to my machines. Finally got my grand-daughter wall quilt complewted and look forward to hanging it over Thanksgiving visit to PA.
I am soooo behind in my list of projects I want/need to complete. I have decided for the time being that I have a few traditional quilts to focus on since they are owed as gifts to a few special buddies. Of course there is also Christmas holidays coming so I have decided to put my stack of to be quilted aside for a while till a few of "my must get done" projects are checked off my list.
I hope to keep up with my posting while I work through my list and will strive to stay focused. ;-))) WISH ME LUCK!

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