Friday, October 29, 2010

Always trying to confuse myself ;-)

So remember those mindless nine block squares I signed on to make this summer (some group on FB or a blog ;-)
Well maybe I should start calling mine 3 block rows instead? lol lol  I figured since  I finally got Brynn's wall quilt completed I would try to get a couple lap size quilts completed in a hurry just for fun?.. I was calling it my no brainer sewing, just go with the flow..... lol lol   Well maybe I should have labeled this brainteasers instead?  I always seem to make projects harder then they should be due to my brain's thinking pattern possibly? I'm always asking myself  "what if?"  Maybe these photos will help you understand what I mean? SO I am learning that sometimes it might just better to go with the flow and NOT ask the "Hmmm what if?" ;-)
Stay tuned......
I first used strips to create 3 rows and cut them to 3 inch blocks started placing them on my design board into various places to create 9 block squares.

Then I asked myself, what IF I really made the various 9 block squaresmatchy match?

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