Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally seeing the end of the tunnel...

I finally got in a complete afternoon of quilting today ;-) I must admit it felt great! There was some frustration I admit since I had a huge learning curve taking place. I completed the quilting on the wall quilt  I've had promised my daughter to decorate Brynn's bedroom wall. I am posting  photos showing the process or steps I completed. Tomorrow all I have to do is sew some binding and a hanging sleeve on and it will be complete. ;-) It's always a good feeling to see one of my ideas come full circle and it even totally work out as I designed. ;-) The size of this quilt is 3 ft high and 4 ft wide,  perfect to decorate my grand-daughter's new bedrrom of their new PA house.
first painted some primed canvas
cut the canvas in pieces and created a composition
constructing the wall quilt by sewing the pieces of canvas together....yes that is masking tape versus pins
 quilt top loaded on HQ16

Quilting and final piecing
adding some thread work details
close up of quilting

detail close up
finished waiting to be squared up

Surprisingly though the canvas seem to cause thread breakage, the back does not look that bad.;-)
Quilt has been squared up and is ready to have binding. It felt good to be back in the studio!