Saturday, August 14, 2010

So let’s finish up my report on QBL….

Okay so I’d better complete my posting about QBL 2010 my second week  with Nancy Crow  before it slips my mind ;-)  Let’s see now….. I explained we made fabrics from Tues till Weds afternoon but not sure I made it clear that when we cut our strips they were not to be straight but very fact some of us  nicknamed them wormy… and though the strips were cut very curvy and did not match at all….. we sewed them as together as one which of course if you sew or quilt you’re probably thinking  but hmmmmm how would they lie straight? Well they didn’t!  It was one of those do as I ask and trust me moments…. ;-)  Well on Weds afternoon Nancy gave us the steps to the final exercise and we proceeded to chop the strips across the puckering,  then took the strip to the ironing board and let it press out as it pleased…. Viola! (sic?)  So we ended up with some very interesting Wonky Strips!  We then proceeded to create our final composition using these wonderful, wonky, curving, strips…. now if you recall I mentioned I had NEVER sewn anything with curves before….  I have to admit it all worked out, (I now know how to attach two curves) and  I have a semi completed piece.  Meaning we just did not have enough minutes in the week to complete our pieces by Friday afternoon. At the Friday evening show and tell quite a few of us just pinned (I taped mine) together to show off .  I will decide exactly how I want to complete the piece in the quiet calmness of my own workroom.  It’s on the list to be completed ;-)))) which means it will be finished, because again I feel it’s the only way one will learn. So hope you enjoy my photos.
Remember the wk two black and white composition I cut up? Well it is patiently waiting on my one design wall to see if I come up with a composition I deem fit to sew together?  It also will be completed………. honestly……in fact here’s one possibility? Think I’ll sleep on it……P1040544

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