Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Okay so back to week two of QBL 2010

So now where did I leave off? …I know I’ve posted about our second exercise (mine was large green and dark blue piece, began as 4ftx4ft..ended up 38’’x43”when it was sewn together.)  We were to complete a little matching piece “that was veryP1040540 busy” in that same exercise but I never  got that piece completed and Nancy assigned the next exercise bright  and early Tues morning ;-)  So I decided it could wait but here it is waiting on the sewing table for me to complete. ;-) It’s going to have to be really small because this  is all I have left of my two fabrics, so this assignment took a complete two yards minimum. BUT Do know I intend to complete the assignment. How else would one learn? ;-)
Okay so now onto to our next exercise #3. We started working with long strip pieces to create curvilinear fabrics using solids, plaids, stripes and prints. So I did not have many so called plaids or  busy little prints so I took a lot of leeway when choosing my plaids, stripes and prints. Another item of interest possibly? I had never sewn curves so I was in for a whole bunch of learning ;-))))  ha-ha.
Our fabrics were to be due by Weds morning but late Tues. Nancy rescinded the deadline time, we got to extend our fabric making till later in the day Weds. Then she presented our final exercise assignment of the week, meaning an exercise that we were going to use our wonderful fabrics in. So here are some of the fabrics I created. P1040222 Tomorrow's post will explain how I used my fabrics. But I’m going to end this posting by admitting….Monday of my second week with Nancy Crow during QBL I began somehow stressing myself or needlessly fighting with my creative side. I struggled with the first exercise (meaning the black and white design.) I got it together in time and originally had a decent composition but in my hurry to piece the work I somehow  made some changes by mistake and hated the composition after it was sewn together. I just never felt it was a successful composition sooooooooooo today I cut it up…it was either cut it up or get way too friendly with my  seam ripper soooooo I intend to re-do the black and white exercise …Wish me luck!So here is my black and white piece all cut up with no place to go! ;-)

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