Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So spontaneous it will be!

Okay so Nancy teaches us to try to create fabrics and then cut em up and design spontaneous, without a plan (meaning in my case no pre-sketching which I've always been used to in my past. Think, sketch ideas or thoughts, analyze designs and then usually procrastinate! ;-) Yup that's me!
So tonight (though I am semi procrastinating on posting more about my second week of classes during QBL 2010)  I decided to grab some strips of  fabric I made Oct. 2009 while at The Barn, cut them up into shapes and lines and then spontaneously create a design to be sewn together as wall quilt.
So here is my design board and the strips(pieces) were on the floor as I worked spontaneously.
 So here is my design so far. Now the question is:  Will I? Can I?  force myself to accept this spontaneous creation and sew the pieces together how I've placed them  or  will I fall back on my old habits of over-analyzing and then become stuck?
I guess you will have to stay in touch for the answer......... ;-))) Only time will tell.... ;-)
gotta love black and white photos
hmmmmm maybe not too bad?

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