Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been a busy day!

I've been packing today for a quick trip up north to MI for a visit with my folks.  I leave tomorrow morning EARLY! ;-(  My hubby will join me in MI next Friday so we can attend a friends son's wedding celebration.  

So much to do and yet so little time!  I have so much sewing being left behind in VA ;-(  YET...... I have learned one should never question their many blessings! ;-)  I also get to see my youngest son Brian and his wife Heather while in MI,  they have booked us for a evening to have a belated celebration for my birthday ;-) WHAT FUN!!!
For my art this week I have packed some PFD fabric along with thread in my suitcase so I can possibly work on some Shibori while I'm sitting & visiting with my dad while my mom gallivants around town.  I intend to dye the fabric when I return home along with some other 20 yds of PFD fabric I've ordered from Lisa Call that should arrive while I'm up north.
I have my IPAD loaded with photos to share AND hope to spend some quiet time each night to explore more of the IPAD's capabilities. ;-) I'm loving the IPAD.
All in all I intend to have a grand week and intend to do some posting too! ta ta.......enjoy!!!!!

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