Sunday, August 1, 2010

QBL was amazing!

Well I am back! If you had forgotten, I was away for two weeks attending QBL (Quilting by the Lake).
The accommodations are dormitories, my suite of 4 had roommates from Maine, NY City and sadly I've forgotten where the other roommate was from? ;-(   We arrived on the beginning Sunday for an opening dinner and a keynote speech by Nancy Crow. (My teacher to-be ;-)  It was quite nice to return to the suite and discover that all 4 of us suite-mates were taking Nancy Crow for at least one week. ;-))  Two of us (myself being one) were actually signed up for two weeks of Nancy Crow.  I WISH you could have seen people's faces when my roommate and I would state that we were taking two weeks with Nancy ;-)) most people felt sorry lol or thought we were crazy?[Recap: One of the roomies dropped out the first day of wk one class, switched to another class she felt she would click better in.] We other 3 LOVED our class!
Now to give more info: If you have ever taken a class from Nancy you know that she expects or hmmm maybe I will use the word demands the best you can give her. Nancy has a respect for the art of quilting through piecing and expects you try to follow certain standards in your work. Actually the norm though in quilting world. 1/4 inch seams, iron seams after joining, etc.
When you take a class with Nancy you end up sewing from early morning to late evening, leaves little time for partying ;-))) I will state I knew what to expect and was NOT disappointed in anyway during my two week experience. Here's a teaser of things I created...
Two quilt tops completed during QLB now hanging in my studio
More on my two week class to follow tomorrow...... ;-)))) I'm tired....... and happy to be home in VA for a while I hope.

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Sewlmate Sister said...

OMG...I'm hoping to go next year and wondered if 2 classes, 5 days, would be too much??? You did two weeks? Sounds like you had a good time. Are you planning on going next year??
Glad to hear it was good, nay tips??