Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So let's continue....

 I'm going to try to post tonight via the IPAD and hopefully tomorrow will add photos from my main computer...hopefully this works?
so now back to more about my two weeks of classes with Nancy Crow from QBL 2010.
Let's see now? My first class was called Strip making I & II. So as the tittle suggests Nancy instructed us in making strips using fabric selvage to selvage. The strips were referee to as figure or ground, dependent on their widths. I now realize you might correlate that with foreground and background? We also discussed how certain colors can make the figures recede or appear forward. For the beginning exercise though we used only black and white fabric. After completing new fabrics sewn by strips we choose we would then cut the fabric up and re-organize the strips into our designs to be sewn together as a final design or project. I will post photos tomorrow of my various fabrics and the completed quilt exercise piece done of black and white.

we had to make our fabrics using strips of black and white selvage to selvage

my sewing area...tucked neatly under a set of stairs

final first piece first week, black & white exercise

So here are my photos added.. was almost panik time thought my jpg files were lost....thankfully found...

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