Saturday, July 17, 2010

So much to little time ;-)

My husband is a wonderful MUSE! I have a husband that pushes me in my interests and ART! For a fabulous gift he gave me two weeks this year at QBL. How lucky am I? I'm packed and actually on my way..tonight I spend the evening in PA at my daughter's to help break the long 7-8 hour drive into two do-able lumbar days ;-)) I feel like my car has everything packed in it...possibly even a kitchen sink  lol lol (just kidding) I'm going to study with Nancy Crow and anyone that has studied with her KNOWS her supply list. Loads and LOADS of solid fabric....guess I meant yards and yards? lol
I'm having a hard time imagining me tackling two full wish me luck.

Now to share what I'm having trouble dealing with:   Me not being able to be by my MUSE'S side this weekend....Friday we lost a very dear friend; my husband's best friend of over 50 years, in fact when I met Bill at 16 Rusty was part of the package, accept it or not, lol lol.  I am thankful my husband made it to MI to visit and be with him before he peacefully slipped away from us. I am glad my husband is with the family during this difficult time. My thoughts and heart are with them all.  I wish we could have figured out a feasible way for me to be there too.........and now just like my husband (my special muse) to call and remind me to move forward to continue on my art journey and to have fun creating at QBL. I'll try to keep you all updated during my experience.

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