Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have got to come up with something more mobile!

Okay so it's been so long since I've posted...I have good intentions yet it seems when it is possible for me to sit down and post I don't seem to have the laptop or any other possibilities that let me put my thoughts down to share ;-(.
My life has been filled with many blessings as of late which has kept me either much too busy to sit, relax and post? 
Other times I'm just to tired or still do not have a way to post.
Somehow I know I must figure out a way to be more mobile! My husband is trying to talk me into an Ipad? So please if anyone happens to notice my posting.......Help! Has anyone tried blogging via the Ipad? Is this do-able?

Another item....... I am SO thinking I have figured out why Grandma Moses did not start to create her art till her later years??? I bet Family obligations or children! ;-)))) Just a hunch but I could be correct! 
Grandma Moses is my idol.......I thrive to someday be like her and just create my art.... lol
Now do not take this remark to mean I am NOT doing any art? I squeeze in a little here and there BUT sadly nothing to write home about right now since I am just too busy enjoying my blessings and life! I hope to catch anyone that's still interested into more of what's been going on in my life ASAP...... until then .... hope you're all out enjoying and smelling the fruitful flowers in your life!

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