Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow! I hadn’t realized how busy I really had been….

I knew I had been busy with my new grand-daughter Charlotte, then daughter Keli with her two babies (under 3) Caleb & Brynn moving in with Bill and I for a month, but until I finally took notice of the last time I posted on my blog I did not realize how overwhelmed I must have become?

Even with this going on Bill and I had long ago planned a work week at our property in MI for May so even though Keli had moved in we still felt obligated to hit the road…and guess what? Keli soon followed so besides the long hot work week in MI we got to have some good old fashioned family visits.  I’m not going to post about our MI trip right now because I want this to be quick.  I’m just posting to let everyone know I’m still around. ;-)

I’m trying to stay focused today with some art.  It’s a fabulous sunny day in VA…Keli and grandbabies arrive back in VA tonight and for the past two days I’ve been trying to regroup from trip to MI but also get some art done ;-) P1030271I’m busy quilting a piece I started last Oct. ;-) with Nancy Crow at “The Barn” and since I intend to study with her in July I felt I would feel better being able to say “YES" I have honestly completed my final project quilt”.  lol

Besides the quilting I’m  enjoying our sunny day by completing some prints on cloth….



and Brynn’s quilt is still calling my name ;-))


So I am off….stay tune though…….

I will be back. ;-)

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