Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today sure seemed like a blow off day?

I’m a little frustrated today…it always seems I get so much more completed in my mind then in real time? Do you know what I mean?

So I completed the first quilt top I made while studying with Nancy Crow…. I decided to use it as a guinea pig or test piece to see if I could manage to tightly free motion the piece using the HQ16? So I have no regrets since I knew it was just a test and heck at the very least I figured it could help me start to get used doing straight lines on the HQ16. Not always an easy feat.

P1000243 P10204842

So not sure you can see the difference? But the first photo is how it looked last October as a top and the second photo is how it looks now that it has been quilted and binding out on. My next photo is a close up of my erratic lines lol  it’s quite a new feeling trying to do straight lines on a mid arm for me. Thankfully I remind myself it was meant to be an opportunity to learn. ;-)  P1020488

Oh well a good thing about today: I did get a long walk with hubby in this morning…he mentioned to me this evening he reached over 13,000 steps today on his step counter starting with our 5000 steps this morning,  then he worked all day rebuilding the grill which put him up and down the stairs many times to fetch this or that…. I made it to the pool this afternoon besides so maybe I finally made the 10,000 mark for my own steps. Isn’t that what one is advised to do each day if possible? Oh well….who knows, who cares? lol  One thing though this day is almost over….. Hope tomorrow seems more productive for me.


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Ellie Foster said...

This is a lovely quilt. It has a retro 50's look about it which I love. I am experimenting with handmade felt using bought Merino wool & wool from my sisters sheep. If you are interested in looking at my offerings then pop over to