Friday, April 16, 2010

It’s been a nice week….

So I started to realize it’s been a while since I posted? Now-a-days so many of us keep contact via Face book or other community sites that we forget to update our blogs? Maybe it’s not that many and maybe it’s JUST ME ;-)  but oh well….
It’s been a great week…I started out my week exploring a little by driving over to Leesburg. It’s not that far of a drive, it’s just the outlet malls are there and when I worked we would always have to make the trip over the weekends….which of course means it would be wall to wall people and much traffic to contend with. Well chalk up another great reason to be retired! It was so nice to be in Leesburg during the mid morning with NO Crowds….it was downright enjoyable! So much so that I even took a second drive later in the week for something I’d forgotten to pick up at the large Joann’s. This week my focus has been here and there…….I did some experimenting with some new fabric from “Blue Prints on”  tried 3 pieces so far, two successes and one ????….not sure what happened but flopped..
 P1020432 P1020474  I managed to attend the neighborhood quilt group on Weds evening which is always enjoyable. There’s always  much to  learn from others. I also dragged out my first quilt piece from the Nancy Crow class I took last October and experimented with quilting it via the HQ16 ;-) lots and lots of lines…..  I wanted to experiment on it before I attempt to quilt the final quilt piece made during my class at “The Barn”.  It’s quite a bit larger and semi whimsical.
close up beginning quilt back detail of beginning peice final project  I’m sure it’s hard to envision from these photos but the large colorful quilt piece is about 4 times larger then the first quilt piece. Heck I think I’m ready to try to tackle quilting it next via the HQ16  ;-)  if I don’t try…. how will I ever learn? ;-) After all I might as well go for it all that counts is whether I’m having FUN, right?

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