Saturday, April 10, 2010

I KNOW there is an easier way ;-) now if only I knew it…

So I’ve been on a roll this past week RE: studio and sewing time. I’ve been completing some of my UFO’s that had been stored out of sight or actually just sitting out in the open on my design boards for ages… first it was the sail boats (see last posting) next I decided to tackle the large strip piece I started while studying with Nancy Crow in Ohio at The Barn (last Oct)…….now mind you we worked Monday to Friday non-stop during the class sewing mostly from 9:00am –9:00pm.  I discovered when I arrived the first day of class that the topic of the week was considered a second week in a sequence of lessons that flow into being able to design art quilts with strips, color and shape. I did fine in the class but know it would have been beneficial to have participated in both weeks. ;-) At the time I was just thrilled to be taking one week at “The Barn” with Nancy Crow, IT was on my ‘want to-do as soon as I retired list’… something I had always wanted to do.  I had a great start on my final project at the end of the workshop, but had a lot of piece work or strip sewing to complete on my own. Being new to the technique and also not a long time seamstress I felt it took me a few days to click on ‘the process’. I enjoyed the class so much I have signed up to take two weeks of study with Nancy this coming July at QBL. Will be great reinforcement. This time it will be week one and two! ;-)

 P1020360 P1020370

Sorry to make this such a long story. lol lol So I have been busy for a couple days sewing the many little strips I felt needed for a successful design. If you know Nancy Crow’s work you will probably figure out my fabric choices were nothing like the rest of my class ;-)  lol most final projects were completed in solids… mine was very whimsical compared to my classmates. But I was having fun and these fabric did not cause me stress. ;-)  lol … So here are a few photos of my work in progress….not sure if you can tell all the strip piecing that has been done so far? A BUNCH! I was so excited because I felt I would be completed today….well whoops NOT so….if you look at the photos you’ll see an empty spot that as the piece progressed I filled with a large orange shape…that definitely needs to be adjusted or changed…so I made a few trial changes but will have to complete it tomorrow since I am just to tired to continue tonight ;-) By the way notice how helpful it is to use Black/White while working with a design.



So hopefully will decide my design solution tomorrow, complete the piecing of this quilt top and put it in MY “to quilt” pile…

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