Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It may have taken me a while, but maybe I’m finally getting focused

I finally worked on a wall quilt I began possibly two years ago? It has been in my sight daily in my work area on it’s own design board for a long time always painfully reminding me of the promise I made myself “to someday complete it and then begin doing more of my own designs”…. it became one of my UFO’s, most quilters have  UFO’s but usually are smart and keep them hidden away. It became a sore spot with me and I ended up choosing to just ignore it, not quite sure why?  Well ;-)   I completed it today to the point of embellishing and quilting and now I am getting excited to see the finished piece. Here’s a peek for now……stayed tuned for the completed quilt….

latestsailboatsofarI’m also still working on 3 other projects at the same time lol ;-) so who knows maybe you’ll see at least one of them completed soon too!

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