Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making quilts and watching them grow…

So a few weeks ago I posted this photo on my Facebook page and asked my buddies to watch  and see “what this will grow up to be”….

P1010860 So now here are some final photos…I was happy that it turned out exactly as I planned and so I’m pleased ;-) (which in itself is an accomplishment ;-) in the second photo it’s shown with the coordinating chair I painted to complete the set. This set was for my daughter-in-law Claire and son JB’s future baby girl…my soon to be newest grandchild.

P1010910 P1010902

Now…… I’m staying busy and actually bouncing between about 4 projects..so much for focus? but here’s a  little peek of one of them….”wonder what this will grow up to be”?


Well stayed tuned……….  ;-)

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bevkimmel said...

Darling quilt and so whimsical!