Thursday, April 1, 2010

It was a lovely visit…

So last week I had the pleasure of my grandbabies flying in from Denver to spend a very busy week with their granny and other family members. What was to be a relaxing visit turned into a very busy visit due to a now impending move cross country for my daughter, husband and babies. They are moving from Denver CO to PA, near Chestertown I believe? My son-in-law has taken a promotion/transfer in his company and has actually already moved to PA on his own to begin his new position. Keli is staying behind to wait out the houses selling and will continue with her job hopefully till the final move. Due to this move ourP1010943 visit turned into more of an exploring week rather then a wind-down week. ;-) We had one night in VA so they could visit with grandpa Bill and then we drove to PA; which driving with two little ones makes for a little longer drive ;-) Along the drive we discovered various road stops ;-) lol to make feeding stops for Brynn… Caleb and I would explore as Brynn was fed. We ended up having some unscheduled fun! ;-)

P1010971 P1010969P1010965

So  we stopped at two parks along the was a great children's park called “Can-Do”

Next we spent a couple days in a hotel in PA while my daughter Keli looked at  housing that might be available once their house sells. During our hotel stay I had the pleasure of getting to participate and witness Brynn’s first time swimming ;-) she was a natural..lucky for me the hotel had a little indoor pool perfect for the experience.


Next stop was NJ onward to my son’s house for the weekend. We had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my future “grand-daughter to be” with Claire’s Mum, the other Nanny to be. ;-)  JB and Claire are ready for the big day, nursery is decorated, doctor visits have been great….was a perfect weekend! Since the shower is over I finally get to show off the baby quilt and time out chair I made for this new family addition.

P1020213 P1020132

P1020133 P1010902

Sadly the end of my trip came to an end and it was time to drive Keli and the babies to the airport, say goodbye to JB & Claire and then head home to VA in the rain ;-(

 P1020209 P1020211

P1020214 P1020217

So until another time…….or should say until the baby arrives ;-)))

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