Saturday, November 14, 2009

My goodness….I’ve forgotten to post!

I know I keep lamenting over and over that I have no idea where my days are going?  Time just seems to fly by faster and faster?  I have no idea how I used to have time to participate in a day job before I retired?   Heck I run out of time daily now and never seem to have the necessary time to do everything I want to!!!Go figure!!???? I am having fun though……sadly the weather has sucked this past week……..and I’m still bogged down with holiday sewing obligations….   Those I hope to get completed in the next day or so at the very worst! Then yay!      I can start on my art quilt ideas….


I also spent an evening this week working on some samples of wedding invitations for my husband’s best friend’s daughter Rebecca!  I cannot share the photo of them since of course we would want them to be a secret till they arrive in the mail sometime next spring…but you can see I’ve been very busy….thus my excuse for not remembering to post….  ;-)

Sadly my husband reminded me today I’d better start painting Brynn’s chair if I want to have it completed in time to drive to MI for Christmas so Keli can then drive it to Denver……yes as crazy as it seems they are driving from Denver to MI for the holidays….which do not misunderstand! I am thrilled my grandbabies will be in MI for Christmas but do feel bad for their long drive!

Geeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so see? I just do not seem to have enough minutes in my day?

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