Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I want to get back to my quilting!

So lets see it all started with these…
P1040185  I made these for my daughter last year….of course to me this is sewing! I do not know how to sew! But having 3 children you know the next statement is always “so Mom when do I get mine?” or “Me next”…   So next came these P1060331
BUT they were part of a wedding shower gift this past summer since my youngest son was getting married Sept 09.
Okay so if you’re counting that should have left one more child? well yeah…..sort of….you see Keli added to her family; a grand-daughter for me so 3 were no longer enough for her family and besides it was “wow Mom I really like the ones you made Brian!” lolP1000488

Well so next came my middle son’s set and they now have their names in gold on them . (this time I thought ahead and made a set of 4? A semi guess, yet they are expecting their first child in April so at least they will have the set of 3 for next year’s Christmas Season.)
I’ve got to tell you I am sick of making Christmas stockingI want to quilt not sew!  I was never taught to be a seamstress so sewing is hard to me. But oh well………. and then there were 4 more…P1000596… 
Wish you could see the little sparkles in the sky…and on the train wheels.


At least I am almost completed with the stockings!…I still have to make the two doggies in the family stockings…but I’ve decided they will have to wait a few weeks!



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