Saturday, November 21, 2009

Such a wonderful experience!

So Bill and I celebrated our first anniversary almost 2 1/2 years ago…(June 24)…We planned on going to the Little Washington Inn (a wonderful 5 star restaurant in Little Washington VA) to celebrate and set the money aside BUT stuff happened and we never made it!  We refused to spend the money and it sat in a folder because we knew we were determined to have this experience as planned. Well we finally took the time out for “US” ! Put us #1 and Bill made the reservation as our 3rd year anniversary celebration ;-) Friday Nov 20, 2009.

I must say it was delightful! Everything I /We hoped for!

I had Chilled Maine Lobster in sherry Vinaigrette with avocado,grapefruit and crispy lotus root, then Nantucket Bay Scallops Sauté w/mushrooms,peppers,and homemade Italian sausage, prosciutto wrapped loin of Veal on celery root puree with black truffle sauce....Dessert was tea along with the 7 sins of deadly desserts. (which was 7 perfectly formed miniature deserts) each serving of the 6 course meal looked like a piece of art.. I only wish I had the nerve to have taken photos of each of my servings, truly works of art! Here are some photos of our lovely evening! It was a very special night!




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