Thursday, October 22, 2009

Productive morning….or day?

So let’s see….posted this morning but geeshhhhh then I started messing around in the studio.still sorting and trying to de-junk some art supplies……then down the basement for a little hit and miss dyeing….felt good to get two pieces of material set up for rusting AND 6-7 different pieces of material dyeing……hopefully I’ve got the colors I am thinking of towards the series of art quilts I have in mind?….P1000400


I sort of invaded Bill’s man cave….lol this is our lower deck, and where he goes for his nightly cigar and to watch for the deer and other friendly animals…(lately he has had a skunk visiting….lol….we’re right off the golf course.if you look closely you can see the post for 14th hole.

Was going to post on FB but geesh  for some reason I’m having troubles getting on….which goes along with an interesting article I read yesterday about social networking and how blogs and email will soon be out due to tweeting or posting on Face book instead……well I semi agree that I have sure cut down on email due to Face book, it’s just too easy to hit all your friends and family with a one liner then to pull up your email and answer one by one….but heck if FB or the other social networks keep having their technical problems it will push us back to email….lol

Go Figure?

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