Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s a sunny day!

So once again I’ve neglected to post daily on my blog…it seems that habit has gotten away from me …and guess only time will tell if I get my old habits back?  Isn’t it interesting how time changes ones path?  This morning I awoke for a few moments at 6:10am and realized that last year this time I would have been up, showered and almost on my way to work!!? WOW!  Have to admit that is one habit I am glad got away from me…. he he he……but  now is the time to practice some new habits I really hope become a part of my life.   Soooooooo with that in mind…..I’ve been working this week on cleaning out old art supplies that I quickly packed in boxes last May and June while cleaning out the school art room and bringing an end to my teaching career.  Do you know how hard it is for a person who is an art teacher or artist with ADH to throw things away?  Our minds constantly go to the what this could be instead of the I won’t be needing this again…..So I have a huge mess and I know I must organize the mess to help me be productive. Want to create my new studio…..P1000392


So this week I’m tackling the mess little by little but also trying to have some fun AND set new habits….

Bill (my hubby) has been walking daily and feels he almost has that habit formed…I think walking with him would be a great habit to have but sadly I have developed some major arthritic problems as of late so walking has my knee out of joint….(in other words deep pain ;-) but I am trying for a habit of jogging and exercising daily in the complex indoor pool. BUT today it’s sunny! and supposedly will be a beautiful day… I am going to postpone my workout till I have a little fun dyeing some material I bought while at Nancy Crow’s class last week. I’m still basking in all I took in last week studying with Nancy and on my long quiet 7 hour drive home last Saturday I took tried hard to jot down ideas or thoughts on where I’d like my quilting to go.  I have a few ideas for a couple series I’d like to create. P1000212 P1000356


Okay so list of habits forming? blogging completed …… So now I’m off to dye, then pool, then studio! Have a great day!

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Robbie said...

Isn't retirement great! Now you can do what you want to do rather then what you have to do! Beware of's SO easy to now put off that shopping!