Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging can be hard …..

So though I used to be disciplined in blogging I’ve hit a rough patch and have not been consistent since last June, (yes I assume around the time I supposedly retired……the word supposedly was used to make a point….yes I have retired from my teaching career but I did not retired from life which has kept me in constant movement since last June.) 

Sooooo yet another accomplishment completed from my wish list!!!!  I  just fulfilled one of my “I’ll do that when I retire” dreams. ;-))  I’ve always hoped that someday I would take a class at “the Barn in Ohio” from Nancy Crow and I would prefice that thought with an “as soon AS I retire”….. and Sooooooooo YAY!!!   I DID it even though I was a little intimidated to take the class  since I’d heard many rumors of NO coddling….lol Well…coddling or not… I FOUND my week long class to be everything I hoped,  Nancy encouraged me to stay for next weeks sequential class but at this time I just can not fit it in my schedule. I do hope to complete more study under her next summer 2010.

here are some pics from my weeklong Nancy Crow class…….

I highly recommend this experience to all quilters… thing to know though is that Nancy’s class is not for the weak! we sewed from 7:00am till they kicked us out at 10:00 each night and still did not finish ;-) Nancy runs a tight ship…yet no one complained about not being finished…I did hear someone state “wow and to think I am paying for this torture” lol lol but it was said in jest……I really feel I learned a lot and look forward to seeing where I can take this information in my practices and work…..I also hope I get on the list for her summer classes….)

Now to post this and sign off for possibly a few days…I have my list of “must do” and if I let the computer distract me it will never get done! first job on list? to clean out my art supplies and set up a studio. Also order some more solids….so I can continue in my color studies…. ;-))))

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